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  • Amy - Travel Assistant Cork
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    My background before I came to Bus Eireann is in Social Care, I am a qualified Social Care Worker by degree. To be able to practice in the degree I love daily whilst changing people’s lives to become independent using Bus Eireann services is a job I could have only dreamed of before I qualified. To be a part of the Travel Assistance Scheme in Cork has been fundamentally positive. Working for Bus Eireann from a social care prospective has allowed me to reach career goals progressively and most importantly – in a rewarding environment.

    Amy - Travel Assistant Cork

  • Eilish - Training Supervisor
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    Being a Training Supervisor in Bus Eireann is a position I am very proud of. I joined the Training Department in 2022 where I was guided by a dedicated team. I quickly became familiar with the role. I work in a well-structured environment.  

    It is paramount for me to demonstrate unwavering commitment, dedication and expertise in order for new drivers to complete training. They will gain valuable knowledge driving large public service vehicles, becoming safety conscious, courteous and customer focused for their future career. It is also important for me to be supportive and helpful when training staff. 

    I have spent many years in the transport industry. Working in Bus Eireann is rewarding where staff are encouraged to excel and promote self-development leading to opportunity of promotional prospects. If you have a passion for driving and would like to be part of our team and obtain a rewarding, secure, pensionable post with an attractive salary, look no further!

    Eilish - Training Supervisor

  • Vicky - Driver Training Programme
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    ​I came into Bus Eireann with a B Licence and I was trained here to become a Bus driver. The training programme was fantastic, it's well organised and professionally run. I had the best support from all my instructors who helped me pass my driving test and trained me in driving different types of buses, on different routes. 

    People think driving buses is a tough job especially for a tiny lady like me. It's definitely not easy but I love my job! I love driving, I love people and I love exchanging news and stories with other drivers. Working here makes me happy, knowing my job makes a difference to people's lives makes me smile.

    If you like driving and engaging with people, and if you're looking for a job more rewarding and less boring, consider becoming a Bus Driver with Bus Eireann. If I can do it, you can do it too.

    Vicky - Driver Training Programme

  • Liam - AVL Fleet Service Support Technician
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    If you have a genuine interest in being a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic, you won’t go wrong at Bus Éireann. High quality training, encouragement to look at things differently and adapt processes to keep moving forward; a modern growing fleet to work on in a changing industry with HGVs evolving to hybrid, electric and hydrogen technology.

    There is always something new and interesting to be involved in. Don't be afraid to give it a go, and never be afraid to ask a question, there are no stupid questions. Asking someone that knows more than us is how we all learned. Bus Éireann ticked all the boxes for me, a high reputation for maintenance quality and an impressive fleet from different manufacturers to learn about. I was promoted to the positon of AVL Fleet Service Support Technician in 2018 which has helped me learn much more about the operating side of the Company. Bus Éireann has looked after me very well in my 12 years so far and I'm sure will continue to do so for years to come.

    Liam - AVL Fleet Service Support Technician

  • Kenzie - Apprentice HV Mechanic
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    I always had an interest in mechanics and cars and the college life just wasn't for me. I applied for Bus Eireann and I was successful, you earn as you learn and that’s a real plus.

    Kenzie - Apprentice HV Mechanic